Smart YouTube TV – NO ADS! Apk v6.17.715 [Final] (Android TV)

Smart YouTube TV – NO ADS! Apk v6.17.715 [Final] (Android TV)


Smart Launcher 5 v5.5 build 010 [Pro] [Mod] [Latest] Apk

Smart YouTube TV Apk

Smart YouTube TV NO ADS is a YouTube client for media boxes and TV based on Android WITHOUT ADVERTISEMENT! Currently, many devices have problems with YouTube. The purpose of the application is to correct this flaw.

  • 4K support
  • no dependency on google services
  • looks great on the TV screen
  • support for the native control panel
  • localized search keyboard
  • Without advertising
  • support all languages

  • Stable release is targeted at most users. Start with her. It contains four launchers: 1080 Main, 1080 Advanced, 4K Basic and 4K Advanced. They differ in performance on a particular device. Try successively one by one until you find one that works best for you. Also, 4K launchers support QHD and UHD resolutions.
  • Smart YouTube apk is the output engines. Used in 1080 and 4K alt versions. Download them only if the application itself is not able to deliver them.
  • Known Issues
  • problems with codecs on old devices
  • you can not change the region, except the default
  • autoframe doesn’t work on Zidoo
  • If you don’t know how to sideload/install apps via ADB, read a tutorial (e.g. this one)
  • Download latest SmartYouTubeTV APK and sideload/install with adb:
  • adb install -r SmartYouTubeTV_Orig.apk
  • Enjoy
  • history fix
  • - Languages: English and Russian
  • - Replaced icons in the style of Pixel Pie
  • - Disabled: Analytics and statistics collection
  • - Full translation into Russian
  • - Disabled notification of a new version (disabled at the code level, so even though there is a checkmark in the settings to notify a new version, now the function no longer works)
  • - Graphics overloaded

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