VoiceOver – Record and Do More Apk v6.21.8 [Premium]

VoiceOver – Record and Do More Apk v6.21.8 [Premium]


Videoder Video & Music Downloader Apk v14.5 Beta 4 [Premium] [Mod]

VoiceOver Apk

VoiceOver is great app for aspirant Singer. It provides multitude of features so that you can sing better and sound amazing. We also provide feature which enable our user to download free image straight from application and crate great video from recording. User can publish their video on YouTube/Facebook/Instagram. We want our user focus on their creativity and let us take care about technical challenge.

VoiceOver is rich, powerful yet simple, intuitive and user friendly audio post-processing app. You can Record new audio or load from library and apply various audio enhancement filter and effects which includes equalizer, echo, reverb, manage gain, shift pitch, Time Stretch. You can add pleasant background to your recording to make it more colorful and delightful.

  • Basic Feature: Simple Audio Recorder

  • 1. Record voice and save it with good compression.
  • 2. Pause/Play while recording.
  • 3. Support background recording, so that you can use other app while recording.
  • 4 Save your recording with very good compression in Wav, AAC or MP3 format.

  • SingAlong : Professional Audio Editor for Singer

  • 1. Select background music or karaoke and start singing along with it
  • 2. VoiceOver will automatically Sync Vocal and Karaoke.
  • 3. Add multiple filters

  • Audio Enhancement Tools: Professional Audio Editor and Processor

  • 1. Trim/Crop Audio:
  • – Trim audio with perfect precision.
  • 2. Equalizer:
  • – 5 Band Equalizer, Give different dimension to your voice with each band.
  • – Six presets.
  • 3. Echo:
  • – Manage Decay and Delay length when creating echo.
  • 4. Gain:
  • – Increase or decrease gain as per your need.
  • 5. Pitch Shift:
  • – Fast and Low CPU overhead operation.
  • – Increase or Decrease pitch of your recording.
  • – Make it super slow or fast.

  • 6. Flanger:
  • – Add super cool flanger effect.

  • 7. Background Music
  • – Add pleasing backgrounds to you plain recording.
  • – Various music score to choose from.
  • – Mange background score volume.

  • 8. Edit Media information.
  • – Edit title, Album, Artist Name

    Share with the World

    1. Sharing
    – Show your great work to world.
    – Share with your friend via Facebook, Social Messenger , Mail.

    2. VoiceOver Event:
    – VoiceOver Event reminder to remind about special event.
    – Event Specific notification to make event more special by your VoiceOver.
    • Cool Audio Effects
    • 1. Super fun VoiceOver effects:
    • -Impress your friend with cool effects
    • – Change your sound to more like
    • – Chipmunk
    • – Robot
    • – Radio
    • – Chorus
    • – Secret Message
    • – Ghost
    • – Martian
    • – Batman
    • * Add audio from library for cover movie
    • * Bug fixes

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