NM Whatsapp v5.90Mods Apk Is Here!

NM Whatsapp
Enabled RECALL Feature (Now you can delete sent Messages) (Select any message – open options and click Recall) Exclusively Added ] Added Dialer FAB on Calls Tab and contacts tab when enable Mod 6.8 using which You can send Msg and Call to unsaved Nos. (Go to Calls Tab or Contacts Tab and Press the FAB for Dialer)Super Exclusive  Custom Media Auto-Download ( Now you can choose for which particular contact or group you want auto download) (Go to Profile and select Media Auto-Download)Exclusive ] Custom Privacy for Hide View Status.Exclusive  Option to Select Player for Video Playback (Mod 6.19) Exclusive Fix  Message Scheduler on KitKat Phones.Message Scheduler – Now you can Edit Scheduled Messages. Album Feature when send more than 3 ImagVery Demanding – Option to Send Original Images (Mod 5.5 New Voip Call DesignNow you can upload Text StatuEmoji SearcOption to Disable Message Counter (Mod 6.17 Options for GIF Tenor/Giphy (Mod 6.1Now you can share apk directly through file manager and select WhatsAp Turkish Language Support Spain & Italy TranslationAuto-Backup at 2am for all PackagesEmoji Icon Color.WhatsApp Log.Many more Fixes….
Important Note 
  1. Kindly Do Not Ask for New Base as all Features are Already Present
  2. MOD is very Much Stable so request you to kindly check from your end before Posting anything
  3.  All the themes sent from InWebsite will be uploaded to WhatsAppThemesNet Website
What’s new in v5.80
  • New  Updated Base to 2.17.223 (PlayStore)
  •  Super Exclusive ] Message Scheduler (Open Options on Main Screen & Select Message Scheduler) (Example – No Need to be Awake to Wish Someone on Bday)
  •  Added in Exclusive Way ] Ability to Change Fonts (App Size Remains the Same as We have made it Online for Selecting Fonts) (Mod 11) (For first time, it will
  • take bit time)
  • Exclusive ] Toast When Anyone Views your Status/Story (Mod 2.5.8)
  •  Added ] Now you can Edit Pics Even When Select From Gallery
  •  Added ] Now you can Send Multiple Videos at Same Time
  •  Updated ] Now Status/Story will directly download when click on download
  •  Added ] View all Status as a list (go to Status Tab and click Options) (No 30 secs Limit when you view as list – First Load the Status Normally)
  •  Added ] Option to Change Mention Color in Chat Screen (Mod 1.2.58)
  •  Added ] Option to Change Mention Color on Main Screen (Mod 2.2.36)
  •  Added ] Option to Change Color of Broadcast List when Forward Msg (Mod 2.4.15)
  • Added ] Option to Change Color of Broadcast Icon (Mod 1.2.59)
  •  Added ] Option to Change Color of Unread Message in Chat Screen (Mod 1.2.60 to Mod 1.2.62)
  • Fixed ] WAMOD Entry Style
  • Many More Fixes…

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