AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD) v4.37 Patched APK Is Here !

AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD)
AppMgr (also known as App 2 SD) is a totally new design app that provides the following components:Move apps: helps you to move apps to either internal or external storage for getting more available app storage Hide apps: enables you hide system (built-in) apps from the app drawerApp manager: helps you to manage apps for batch uninstalling, moving apps or sharing apps with friends
Key Features
  • up-to-date UI style, themes
  • batch uninstall apps
  • batch move apps to external storage
  • notify when movable apps installed
  • hide apps from app drawer
  • freeze apps to a stop state
  • 1-tap to clear all cache
  • batch clear apps cache or data
  • batch view apps on Google Play
  • export the app list
  • install apps from the exported app list
  • quick uninstall or move an app by drag-n-drop
  • sort apps by name, size or installation time
  • share customized app list with friends
  • support home screen widgets
  • support Android 2/3/4
  • support “Move2SD Enabler”
  • customizable notification sound, vibrate and light
Move apps
  • Are you running out of application storage? Do you hate having to check each and every app if it supports moving to the SD card?
  • Do you want an app that automatically does this for you and can notify you when an app can be moved?
  • This component streamlines the movement of apps to on your device’s external or internal storage through your device’s Settings.
  • With this, you’ll have more control over your ever expanding collection of apps. This is crucial to anyone who has memory management issues.
Hide apps
  • You don’t care for all the apps your carrier adds to Android? Well, now you can get rid of them! This component enables you to hide system (built-in) apps from the app drawer.
Freeze apps
  • You can freeze apps so they won’t use any CPU or memory resources and consume zero-battery.
  • It’s good for you to freeze apps that you would like to keep in device, but don’t want them to run or be uninstalled.
  • We have been selected as a Google I/O 2011 Developer Sandbox partner, for its innovative design and advanced technology.
  • Move apps function may not work on your device as manufacture removes the function of moving apps to SD from Android system
    Read user’s manual or FAQ by going to: AppMgr > Settings > Abou
  • Arabic-Mohamed Hany
  • Bulgarian-Димитър Димитров
  • Croatian-Bruno Švorinić
  • Czech-Michal Fiurášek
  • Danish-Christian Stangegaard Kappelgaard
  • Dutch-Niko Strijbol
  • Filipino-Vincent C. V. Estrellado
  • Finnish-Teemu Paavola
  • French-Jérémy Roth (JeremX)
  • Galician-Xesús M. Mosquera Carregal
  • German-Marc C. Hübner, Wolfgang Dinter
  • Greek-George Georgiadis
  • Hebrow-Benjo26
  • Hindi-AzamAli
  • Hungarian-RootRulez
  • Indonesian-Khairul Agasta
  • Italian-Luca Trevisan
  • Japanese-nnnnn
  • Lithuanian-bronxitas
  • Macedonian
  • Norwegian-Mathias Aavik
  • Polish-Kamil Szymański, Grzegorz Jabłoński
  • Portuguese-Altieres Lima da Silva, , Luis Barbosa de Assis Junior
  • Romanian-Stelian Balinca
  • Russian-Павел Алексеев
  • Serbian-Branko Radičević
  • Slovak-Patrik Žec
  • Slovenian-Matevž Kersnik
  • Spanish-Tomás de la Puente López, Lahiri López
  • Swedish-Henrik Andersson
  • Tamil-KUMAR D
  • Telugu-Venkat Kamesh
  • Thai-Pimlada Singsanga
  • Turkish-Kutay KuFTi
  • Ukrainian-Михайло Грицина
  • Urdu-Hafiz Muhammad Moin Ud Din
  • Vietnamese-Phong Quang PdaViet
  • If you are interested in helping us to translate this app to your native language, please let me know. Thanks.
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  •  fixed crash errors while batch moving apps
  •  if UI is still showing in English and you’d like to help the translation, please send me an email
  •  bugs fixed and optimizations
  •  auto hide notification after the related window opened
  •  add an “Enable…” check box to the clear all cache window which enables you clear cache w or w/o using the accessibility function
  •  add two new FAQ items
  •  fixed: failed to clear cache on some devices
MOD Lite
  • Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;
  • Encrypted all resources;
  • Analytics Disabled;
  • All ads and services calls from activity removed;
  • Languages: En, Ru.
How to install?
  1. Download The Given. Apk
  2. Install As A Normal Apk
  3. Done 🙂

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