iShredder 6 Enterprise Eraser v6.0 Full APK

iShredder 6 Enterprise Eraser v6.0 Full APK
iShredder 6 Enterprise Eraser v6.0 Full APK to wipe information with the No. 1 App in secure erasure. The most mainstream information eraser application which shreds your information for all time
????? iShredder™ is the most secure and most prevalent information shredder (purify) application
????? Certified cancellation strategies go past universal security models
????? Wipe and safely delete the freespace
????? Securely erase all information, documents, organizers, photographs, sms (instant messages), call logs, contacts and more incl. new File Explorer
????? Securely erase protection information, for example, WhatsApp and that’s only the tip of the iceberg
????? Securely clean impermanent information and wipe the reserve of your gadget
????? Made by ProtectStar™ the world pioneer in secure cancellation of cell phones
????? ProtectStar™ applications are favored by in excess of 1.000,000 clients in 123 nations
Guaranteed Deletion Algorithms
iShredder 6 Enterprise Eraser v6.0 Full APK is the most well known information eraser application which safely erases information abandoning them hopeless by utilizing affirmed erasure calculations. With military review security, wipe and clean undesirable and even classified documents totally and ensures falling into noxious hands.
The point by point and cutting edge eradication reports give confirmation of cancellation.
Highlights (contingent upon release):
+ Certified erasure calculations
+ Securely overwrite the freespace (inside memory and sc card)
+ Securely Erase records and envelopes
+ Audit Erasure Report
+ Secure Deletion of the entire sd card
+ Secure Deletion of mounted gadgets, for example, outside usb sticks, hard circles, and so on.
+ Securely Erase photographs, display, facial acknowledgments, and so on.
+ Securely wipe all contacts or a solitary contact, instant messages, WhatsApp, Call logs, clipboard, and so on.
+ Integrated File Explorer
+ Securely erase SMS, instant messages, and so on.
+ Secure cleaning of impermanent information and application reserve
+ Password Protection
+ every minute of every day email Support (Care Plan)

What’s New

iShredder 6 Release
+ File Manager for better file selection
+ Improved performance, speed and security
+ Thumbnails can be cleared now
+ Improved resistance against Photo Recovery Tools (thumbnails have to be cleared for this!)
+ App Cache can now be cleared individually
+ Improved Freespace erase
+ New Report with QR verification
+ Bug fixes
Screenshot iShredder 6 Enterprise Eraser v6.0 Full APK
iShredder 6 Enterprise Eraser v6.0 Full APK

iShredder 6 Enterprise Eraser v6.0 Full APK

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