Lean Launcher v1.1.0 Full APK

Lean Launcher v1.1.0 Full APK
Lean Launcher v1.1.0 Full APK descriptions:
An open source, lightweight, customisable, lean launcher. The source code can be found at the accompanying Github vault: https://github.com/hundeva/Lean-Launcher
Warning specks
Lean look
– climate, date-book occasions, and so forth
– at present just in the investigate assembles
Hunt UI
– base pursuit bar
– application seek bar
– application recommendations
– voice seek alternate way
Look and Feel
– light, dull, or programmed topic in light of your backdrop
– discretionary dark hues for dull topic
– alterable lattice checks
– alterable symbol sizes
– discretionary swipe marker
Alter applications
– conceal applications from your cabinet
– conceal application name from the work area or your cabinet
– alterable symbol shape on android 8.0 or later
– essential symbol pack bolster
– versatile symbol bolster for inheritance applications, with discretionary dynamic foundation shading
– discretionary two line application marks
Signals and Actions
– one finger swipe down for warnings
– two finger swipe down for brisk settings
– twofold tap to bolt, with either timeout or secure bolt
– customisable home catch activity on your home screen
Easy routes
– discretionary static easy routes
– dynamic easy routes from android 7.1 or later
– home screen turn
– alternative physical activitys
– discretionary straightforward route bar in your cabinet
– lockable work area

What’s new

1.1.0: for the full change log, please visit https://github.com/hundeva/Lean-Launcher/discharges/tag/lean-1.1.0
– include symbol before Notification speck inclination, so it doesn’t watch strange
– adjust dark subject
– combine RPL by AmirZ 3.5
Screenshot of Lean Launcher v1.1.0 Full APK
Lean Launcher v1.1.0 Full APK

Lean Launcher v1.1.0 Full APK

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