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Nebula Alarm Clock v1.02b Full APK descriptions:
The Nebula Alarm Clock is a fresh out of the plastic new curve on the wake up timer application, stuffed with highlights to enable you to battle the desire to hit the nap catch. We ensure you’ve never attempted any wake up timer like it. Here’s the way it works:
Consistently, you grow a star little by short time you rest. At the point when your caution goes off early in the day, you’ll wake up to a fresh out of the plastic new star, prepared for you to gather. You need to hustle however, in the event that you don’t gather your star in time by finishing a test, it will detonate in a fierce supernova, wrecking your night’s work. Stars you gather can be fastened together to assemble sublime heavenly bodies and open wonderful in-application rewards.
Pick from a few unique difficulties to close off your caution and gather your star, such as completing a precarious mind mystery or notwithstanding scanning a QR code in your lavatory. You can totally tweak the Nebula Alarm Clock application to wake you as delicately or inconsiderately as you need. We have highlights to stop even the most headstrong of snoozers from sleeping in!
Cloud Alarm Clock Features:
  • Lots of super great ringtones to pick from going from delicate to amazingly uproarious and irritating
  • Wake up to your own music and ringtones
  • Earn great prizes for awakening with our heavenly body framework to keep you inspired not to sleep in
  • The Sleep Engine: play encompassing sounds on a clock to enable you to nod off
  • QR and Barcode scanner caution close off strategies for overwhelming sleepers
  • Shake to reject caution close off strategy
  • Color Tap caution close off strategy
  • Gradual expanding caution volume to make it simple to ascend early in the day
  • Your star truly develops! 3 unique stages all going ahead inside your telephone while you rest
  • And parts more!
Our theory is basic. Set one important alert and really get up when it goes off as opposed to napping through 10 cautions set 5 minutes apart from each other. Battling the nap propensity isn’t simple, yet we’re here to help give you the inspiration not to sleep in with unlockable prizes, greatly boisterous, irritating ringtones like advanced style and unnecessary foghorn, and scanner based wake up timer close offs. This wake up timer is intended to influence you to have a craving for backpedaling to rest has genuine results. With uplifting feedback for awakening and a wide assortment of instruments you can use to persuade you to get up, we’re here to enable you to kick the rest catch propensity, one star at any given moment.
Tips to influence this caution to clock as compelling as conceivable at battling the nap urge:
• Don’t lay down with your alert adjacent to you, rather set your telephone sufficiently far away that you need to physically get up to kill the caution
• Start with boisterous, irritating ringtones like advanced style or antiquated that truly bother you out of bed, once you get used to awakening without rest, you can begin to explore different avenues regarding gentler alert ringtones and utilizing your own particular music
• We profoundly prescribe utilizing the QR code expulsion strategy. Print off any qr code, tape it to your washroom mirror and it will compel you to stroll to the restroom to kill the caution and gather your star
be the one to get up. Building propensities is hard, yet in the event that you attempt your best, it will get simpler 🙂
On the off chance that you have any inquiries or criticism about the application please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we adore got notification from you and your proposals matter to us!
The “Frigid Mountains Illustration” in this application is made by Freepik
A few symbols in this application were made by Freepik from
For more data please observe the in-application credits 🙂

What’s new

  • 2017-12-28
  • Cloud Alarm Clock is here! Develop stars while you rest, acquire rewards for awakening and battle the desire to hit nap with this refreshingly extraordinary wake up timer application.
  • New this refresh: the most asked for include from starting client criticism is here! You would now be able to set rehashing cautions and develop stars consequently consistently. On the off chance that you favor manual mode however you can simply change back in the settings 🙂
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