Edge Screen v1.1.8 APK

Edge Screen v1.1.8 APK
Edge Screen v1.1.8 APK descriptions:
One of the benefits of Samsung leads, Galaxy S9 (Plus) and Galaxy S8 (Plus), is the edge screen and edge board which:
  • empower the clients to dispatch most loved applications
  • flip framework settings
  • call certain contacts
  • control playing music
  • check timetable occasions
  • even access organizers and records
  • appropriate from the sidebar application.
The sidebar opens with a delicate sliding motion.
Edge Screen, as the name proposes, brings this superb component to truly any Android gadgets and you get the opportunity to appreciate the numerous advantages of edge launcher on your telephone or tablet. Along these lines, download Edge Screen on your Android gadget for nothing, appreciate the edge launcher and experience the Galaxy Edge includes on your non-edge telephone.
What’s in store from Edge Screen?
Edge Screen, the free sidebar application, tells the truth and slick plan and the interface is so easy to understand that doesn’t take a virtuoso to make sense of the entire thought. You simply need to allow the required authorizations, redo the edge boards, and access your most loved applications, flip framework settings, a music player and significantly more by propelling diverse side boards.
Here is the rundown of accessible edge screens that you can approach from anyplace:
  • Application Edge: Add your most loved and most-utilized application in the sidebar board and open them by simply sliding to open the Add Edge board.
  • Individuals Edge: How would you generally call or make an impression on your successive contacts? What about adding them to the People Edge board and access to them from for all intents and purposes anyplace?
  • Fast Tools: Your telephone is too huge to open the notice board with one hand? All things considered, have a go at flipping framework settings from the sidebar application.
  • Delicate Keys: The physical catches of your Android telephone are not working easily? All things considered, the Soft Keys board gives you programming catches that capacity as Home, Back, Recent Apps, and power catches.
  • Logbook: Your gatherings, occasion, and arrangements have never been simpler to get to the Calendar board.
  • Call Log: This edge board gives you a chance to approach your call logs and deal with your call history from the edge board.
  • Edge Music Player: Can you think about the coolest and least demanding approach to control the playing music? All things considered, we should attempt the edge music player highlight.
Edge Screen additionally empowers you to effectively take a screen capture and access your records and organizers from the edge boards.
Note that, contingent upon the sidebar application you add to your edge board, you may need to allow certain authorizations. The authorizations are exclusively utilized for the application’s usefulness and we don’t gather any individual data.
’s presently an opportunity to support your productivity
When you totally designed the edge launcher and added the required sidebar applications to the board, you never again need to include unending framework settings alternate ways and applications’ easy routes to the home screen for speedy access to them. You can likewise utilize your telephone with one-hand once more, as you don’t have to extend your finger to get to the Home, Back, and Recent catches and in addition the warning board.
Download Edge Screen for nothing and let us think about any bugs, questions, highlight demands or some other recommendations.

What’s new

  • 2018-04-21
  • Upheld call straightforwardly from individuals edge
  • Settled time issue in Calendar edge
Screenshot of Edge Screen v1.1.8 APK
Edge Screen v1.1.8 APK

Edge Screen v1.1.8 APK

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