HD Camera Pro real professional v1.96R APK

HD Camera Pro real professional v1.96R APK
HD Camera Pro real professional v1.96R APK This HD Camera expert for android will transform your telephone into DSLR camera like, with completely manual control on ISO, screen speed, presentation, manual concentration and another highlights like an expert camera, which can convey your versatile photography to the following level. Take the best catch of your photograph and even record your video in 4K UHD determination.
? HD Camera Pro Top Features : ? :camera_flash:
? Manual ISO
? Manual core interest
? Control shade speed
? Control presentation
? Control white adjust
? Realtime channel/shading impact
? 4K camera recording (on bolstered gadgets)
? Set video outline rate and bit rate
? Intervalometer/burst camera mode ( constrained on Lite adaptation )
? Geotagging ( Pro Version )
? Photo stamping ( Pro Version )
? Save to inside/outer memory
It’s superb quick camera highlights perform rapidly giving your quick camera execution which can take numerous photos at some interim in burst mode, extremely helpful for making stop movement or time slip by video
Make photographs with various impacts and another expert hd camera star highlights like manual presentation bolt, manual ISO, white adjust, hd camera professional matrix see, brilliant proportion lattice, and so on and achieve the most abnormal amount of photography with this expert camera and quick camera hd
Quick Burst Camera key highlights are portrayed as beneath :
* Burst camera mode with configurable deferral to make stop movement or make time slip by video
* Face discovery/facial acknowledgment
* Front back hd camera genius determination.
* Professional camera hd highlights: Scene mode, center mode, burst mode, shading impacts, white adjust, and manual introduction bolt, manual ISO.
* Choose to and 4k video quality and determination.
* 4K camera recording (With discretionary sound account) like proficient camera hd
* Option to kill the shade sound.
* GUI to change the introduction immediately works in any direction.* Adjustable volume keys (picture to zoom get or change the presentation remuneration).
* Excellent and quick camera/burst camera hd execution
* Remote control (discretionary sound commencement) clock (with configurable deferral) programmed rehash mode.
* Customable volume keys to perform snappy activity like dslr camera
* DSLR camera highlight to alter screen speed
* Manual Focus like DSLR camera
* DSLR camera highlight to pick manual ISO
* Manual Exposure
* Location focusing on include
* Remove with multi-touch signal and single-touch control.
* Option to bolt the photograph or 4k video in picture or scene introduction.
* 4K video recording on bolstered gadget, transform your telephone into 4k camera
* Realtime Photo Filter
* Photo Grid : 4K camera line, brilliant apportion line
* Disable the shade sound/noiseless camera mode when take photograph or record 4k video
* Optional GPS area labeling (geotagging), photographs and recordings; For photographs that compass course contains.
* A date and time stamp on photographs, area arranges and executes a custom content.
* (Some) outer receiver bolster.
* Manual centering separation; manual ISO/iso manual camera ;
manual camera presentation bolt; RAW (DNG) documents on front back manual camera
* Manual ISO/iso manual or simply adjust ISO ( set iso manual )
* Flash mode include
* Brightness/presentation setting
* Burst camera mode valuable for making time pass or stop movement which required interim shooting
* Unlock telephone manual camera capacity to record at 4k camera on upheld gadgets
Every single finish highlight bundled in little minimal size and clean interface,
Download this expert camera hd and begin record your 4k video
Note :
To utilize all manual camera highlights you require gadget with Android 5.0 and up which is bolster camera2 API, you will realize that your gadget is upheld in the event that you can discover “empower camera2api” alternative in setting menu.
HD camera Pro depends on open source application named “Open Camera”, source code are accessible at https://sourceforge.net/p/opencamera/code/

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Screenshot HD Camera Pro real professional v1.96R APK
HD Camera Pro real professional v1.96R APK

HD Camera Pro real professional v1.96R APK

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