Super Shortcuts v4.300.000.84 PRO Patch APK

Super Shortcuts v4.300.000.84 PRO Patch APK
Super Shortcuts v4.300.000.84 PRO Patch APK Supplant Several Applications Shortcut with One Super Shortcut. It causes you to Open your Favorite Apps Quickly (Separately Or Simultaneously) and Empty your Home Screen to Enjoy your Wallpaper… ? ?
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Super Shortcut utilizes Android 7.1.1’s App Shortcuts to Declutter the Homescreen *
Application easy routes insufficient? Influence your backdrop to radiate through with Super Shortcuts *
Super Shortcut Is A Unique Way To Clear Screen Clutter *
Top 10 Android Apps of July 2017! | 1. Super Shortcut *
Super Shortcut verzamelt applications operation een plek operation je homescreen *
Super Shortcut Pro permette di eseguire le application più utilizzate con un unico pulsante *
Super Shortcut ermöglicht schnellen Zugriff auf Favoriten-Apps *
Conheça o Super Shortcut, application que tira todo o potencial do Android 7.1.1 *
Basically Click on Apps to Select and then Click on Confirm Button ?? to Create The Super Shortcut on Home Screen…
and Swipe Up on Confirm Button ?? to see chosen applications.
+ Category Shortcuts: Select Multiple Apps for Each Popup Shortcut (Press and Hold to Add it on Home Screen)
+ Split Shortcuts: Create Pair of Apps to Open them Simultaneously in Multi-Window (Press and Hold to Add it on Home Screen)
+ Smart Pick: App Shortcut of Most Used Apps
+ Mix Shortcuts: Select all Type Shortcuts together
+ Android Wear 2.+ Support (Please, See Screenshots)
– Select Apps from List and press ‘Affirm Button’ ??
– Go to WatchFace Setting and Select easy route of ‘Super Shortcut’
– Press on ‘Super Shortcut’ Icon and Enjoy!
– Check out List of Compatible Android Wear 2.+ WatchFaces |
Tip: Press and Hold on Checkbox of Split/Category Shortcuts to see more choices.
Tip: Press and Hold on Item of Categories to open them as Split Shortcut.
Note: Android System permits Only Default Home Launchers to demonstrate Popup AppShortcuts.
* ?? Accessibility Service Permission Notice
* This App Uses Accessibility Services…
* To Create Multi-Window and Open Apps in Split Screen Simultaneously.
* Super Shortcuts v4.300.000.84 PRO Patch APK
* ? How it Helps People with Disability?
* It is troublesome for individuals with handicap to open an application Or switch between applications.
* So, I am utilizing Accessibility Service to enter Multi-Window Mode to open two applications together.
* ? Please, Do Not Use Pirated Websites ???? to Download Pro Edition
* You Can Try Free Edition Before Purchasing…
* Super Shortcuts | Free Edition
* Open Source Project of Super Shortcuts
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What’s New

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+ Loading Process Improvements | Android 8 & Higher
+ Swipe Left/Right to Switch between Shortcuts type (Apps/Splits/Categories)
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Screenshot Super Shortcuts v4.300.000.84 PRO Patch APK
Super Shortcuts v4.300.000.84 PRO Patch APK

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