Timbre Cut Join Convert Mp3 & Mp4 v3.1.1 Pro APK

Timbre Cut Join Convert Mp3 & Mp4 v3.1.1 Pro APK
Timbre Cut Join Convert Mp3 & Mp4 v3.1.1 Pro APK is a widely praised application for altering sound and video records. It enables you to cut, join and change over sound or video records.
Timbre enables you to perform numerous sorts of tasks on your sound or video records. Among the most well known are:
• Audio Cutter + Video Cutter: Timbre lets you rapidly slice tunes or slice recordings to your loving. Utilizing the astounding sound/video shaper in Timbre, you can cut tunes or cut recordings. Be that as it may, Timbre isn’t only a mp3 shaper or mp4 shaper, it bolsters each record organize you can envision (from mp4 to mp3 to avi, flv, mkv and then some!).
• Audio Joiner + Video Joiner: Want to join sound records? Or on the other hand maybe consolidate recordings? Timbre lets you consistently join mp3 melodies or consolidate recordings, joining the same number of documents as you like into one.
• Audio Converter + Video Converter: Want to change over a wav to mp3? Or on the other hand maybe a flac to m4a? What about a mkv to mp4 or avi? With Timbre, you can rapidly change over sound and change over video records to and from numerous organizations including mp3, wav, flac, m4a, aac and wma for sound and mp4, flv, avi, mkv, webm and mpeg for video. (For instance: Timbre has a committed mp3 shaper)
• Video to sound: Want to take out the sound from a video? Timbre incorporates an amazing mp3 video converter that gives you a chance to separate mp3 from recordings.
• Video to GIF: Convert recordings to GIF vivified documents effortlessly!
Timbre prides itself on being the most far reaching sound editorial manager and genius video proofreader application at any point made. The most mainstream highlights of Timbre are the mp3 shaper and mp4 shaper. Be that as it may, it does substantially more than just cutting mp3 tunes or cutting recordings, it likewise has the usefulness of ringtone creator and MP3 video converter.
• Audio/Video Splitter: This unique capacity of Timbre’s sound supervisor enables you to rapidly part any sound or video record into two sections.
• Audio/Video Omitter: This activities gives you a chance to remove a section from the center of a sound or video document.
• Audio Bitrate Changer: With Timbre, you can rapidly pack your mp3 or m4a documents and pick a custom bitrate.
• You can likewise expel sound from a video or change over a video to sound organization.
• Audio/Video speed changer: Want to accelerate a mp3 book recording? Or then again make a moderate mo video? With Timbre, you can change the speed of your sound or video documents.
melodies and recordings to your preferring! Timbre ensures the yield documents are packed and super little while keeping their quality flawless and offering all of you the VideoFX you can envision!
Timbre Cut Join Convert Mp3 & Mp4 v3.1.1 Pro APK makes utilization of the prominent FFmpeg library, the modern standard of sound and video altering. Utilizing FFmpeg codecs enables Timbre to help a wide assortment of media composes and not just that, the FFmpeg module is super quick and high caliber. What’s more, prepare to be blown away. There’s a crude FFmpeg support incorporated appropriate with the application so you can alter and calibrate the nature of every one of your melodies and recordings!
At long last, Timbre likewise enables you to change over content to discourse! Timbre utilizes your telephone’s worked in Text to discourse motor with the goal that you can sort or glue in any content you wish and Timbre will change over it into voiced discourse. You can hear it out or you can send out it as a sound record! Timbre incorporates all the sound/video highlights you can consider!
What’s more, prepare to be blown away. Timbre underpins a mess something other than mp3 and mp4 cutting and blending! Here’s a rundown of all the bolstered groups:
Upheld sound arrangements: mp3, wav, flac, m4a, aac, pcm, aiff, ogg, wma, alac, wv
Upheld video positions: mp4, avi, flv, mov, webm, mkv, mpeg
Viva Timbre!


  • Minor changes:
  • Added option to see file path in Audio picker
  • Bugs fixed:
  • When trying to cancel an ongoing task, Timbre would sometimes crash. No more!
  • Fixed a bug where Timbre couldn’t pick some video files
  • In some cases, video files were showing up in audio picker
  • Sometimes the task notification would get stuck
  • When a task fails, Timbre now automatically deletes any corrupt output files
  • Ads will no longer play any sound
Screenshots Timbre Cut Join Convert Mp3 & Mp4 v3.1.1 Pro APK
Timbre Cut Join Convert Mp3 & Mp4 v3.1.1 Pro APK

Timbre Cut Join Convert Mp3 & Mp4 v3.1.1 Pro APK

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