Spotify Premium APK v8.5.56.1186 Final (MOD, Unlimited Skips)

Spotify Premium APK v8.5.56.1186 Final (MOD, Unlimited Skips)


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Are you a music lover? Spotify Music will bring you the simplest music experience right your smartphone. Nowadays, like watching movies and taking pictures, we tend to concentrate to music on handheld devices and smartphones, which are one among the simplest entertainment options. Music is an integral a part of human life that’s the only thanks to relax and forget the hards of the life. a few years ago, owning a music player was a dream of the many people. However, today, the planet is growing so we will buy technology items more easily. Smartphone has become popular as a crucial a part of life.
All Android devices now allow you to concentrate to music, in how , online or offline. many of us like taking note of music offline because it’s really simple, during which you only save your favorite songs to device memory and listen at any time without the network connection. However, one day, once you want to listen to a stimulating song, but it’s not in your music playlist, the only way is to travel to the web music player. There are many applications that allow you to concentrate to music online, some payment needed, some don’t . If you would like to experience the very best quality songs, save and download music all the time, Spotify is a superb choice that we might wish to recommend to you. this text will offer you the instruction on the way to download the newest version of 
Spotify Premium APK for free of charge .

What is Spotify App?

Spotify may be a digital music service that permits you to concentrate and download many songs, podcasts, and videos from the foremost famous artists round the world. Everything is encapsulated in one application. the appliance was developed and released by Spotify Company. With Spotify, the users can look for any artist within the world or the favourite music category. you’ll use Spotify on a spread of platforms including Android, iOS, Window, Mac OS. However, during this article, we’ll only offer you the instruction on the way to download and install free Spotify Premium APK on Android.
Did you know: As of January 2018, Spotify had 70 million paying subscribers worldwide

What is Spotify Premium?

Like Apple Music, Spotify is liberal to install and use. However, If you would like to experience all of Spotify’s features, the app requires you to pay a monthly fee to take care of the service, which is that the cost to use Spotify Premium. Of course, you’ll not got to buy it. Instead, you’ll only hear music and use it normally also as have some limitations that you simply will certainly want to upgrade to Spotify Premium shortly then . the value to upgrade to Spotify Premium in each country is different, which is from $ 2.99 to $ 9.99 per month. this is often considered a suitable price, but not everyone wants to pay to concentrate to high-quality music. So during this article, we’ll show you ways to put in Spotify and access all the premium features of the app.

Key features

Spotify are often considered together of the foremost popular music genre streaming services within the world today. it’s surpassed the Apple Store in terms of monthly users. the appliance owns an enormous music store and is usually updated. Besides, there are many other interesting features that you simply can explore. Take a glance at the content below.
Listening to the copyright songs directly
Music is usually amid emotions, which are available a sudden way that nobody can predict. Therefore, music must also mix with emotion immediately. As before, once I wanted to enjoy music, I usually took a couple of minutes to seek out its high-quality files, downloaded and used a player to concentrate to, it took me much time. Now, with Spotify, I can access a repository of over 40 million songs and simply find and hear my favorite songs with the very best quality. Spotify Premium stream rate is superb . you’ll choose 3G, 4G or Wifi to concentrate to music.
One of the points i really like about Spotify Premium App is that they always skills to update the newest songs to please the user. Spotify is one among the foremost respected and reputable companies. Their services have collaborated with the large studio and famous singers. hottest or newly released songs appear soon on Spotify.

Unlimited HD Sound Quality Music.

After downloading Spotify APK Premium, you’ll fully trust its sound quality. aside from problems like interrupted songs, wrong information … the good advantage of digital music services is that the sound quality. With Spotify Premium, the users are going to be ready to hear and download songs with 320kbps MP3 quality, which is sweet enough to please everyone.
In addition to using available tracks, Spotify also collaborates with artists to make exclusive recordings dedicated to the service, called Spotify Sessions. Overcoming the space of music, Spotify also features a sizable amount of podcasts, audiobooks of varied genres catering to each need of the user.

Spotify Connect

Spotify Premium is out there in hottest platforms including Mobile (Android, iOS), Computer (Windows / Mac / Linux), Console (PS4 / Xbox One), Smart TV, Smart Speaker (Amazon Alexa / Google Home) and therefore the web. regardless of which device you employ , Spotify also will support it. All data is synchronized on the devices where you installed the appliance and logged in. With Spotify Connect, you’ll even control the music playing on one device via another device (for example, controlling the music playing on your PC via smartphone).

Download Music Offline

This feature is merely available at Spotify Premium. Now, you’ll download any song and simply save them to your device to concentrate to anywhere without the web connection.

Connect with everyone

You can check in to Spotify via Facebook and follow up with friends who also are using this service. With unlimited connectivity, you’ll also search and track new friends. Spotify is sort of a social network for music lovers. additionally , Spotify works with many artists. This relationship allows users to enjoy the experience that no other service has, like taking note of playlists created by the artist themselves. this is often an excellent feature that the fans can learn and follow more about the artist, and the other way around , the artist, has the chance to interact together with his fans. albeit it’s not just for the artists but is also Spotify very flexible in sharing, many individuals and organizations use it as a channel to attach with their fans
You may not know: the previous US President, Barack Obama has chosen Spotify to share his favorite playlists.

Create and customize your Playlist

Each person’s musical preferences are different, therefore the same song by an equivalent artist but it’s going to be loved by certain people. Spotify may surprise you because it can suggest songs or playlists supported songs that you simply have heard or the artists you follow.
Spotify’s main screen always displays playlists that users could also be curious about , supported events around them or their habits. you’ll create new Playlists or look for songs by topic, discover new music from Spotify playlist, which is made every Monday. whenever you hear a song, Spotify always suggests to you an equivalent thing, which makes the app experience better. Spotify Premium as your friend, who are going to be along side you to concentrate to music.


We’re always making changes and improvements to Spotify. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, just keep your Updates turned on.


  • Unlocked Spotify Connect;
  • Seek FWD button added to information bar/tablet mod;
  • Visual ads blocked;
  • Audio ads blocked;
  • Seeking enabled;
  • Unlimited shuffle;
  • Choose any song;
  • Extreme audio unlocked;
  • Repeats enabled.


Mod V1 Info:
Login with old accounts can use V1 mod and work fine.
Mod V2 Info:
Login with new accounts need to use v2 mod or they will get logged out - however v2 mod does not work with old accounts as fwd/play buttons etc are missing.


Spotify Premium APK v8.5.56.1186 Final (MOD, Unlimited Skips)

Spotify Premium APK v8.5.56.1186 Final (MOD, Unlimited Skips)

Spotify Premium APK v8.5.56.1186 Final (MOD, Unlimited Skips)

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