AUG Launcher Pro Apk v3.7.0 [Latest]

AUG Launcher Pro Apk v3.7.0 [Latest]

DESCRIPTION Premium v4.5.7 MOD APK + Lite (Unlocked)

AUG Launcher (Android Unique Gesture Launcher) is a unique launcher that has a number of interesting features.
AUG L is a package of, Launcher + App locker + Dialler (Existing phone contacts).
It is unique, why?
> Bring out a new level of experience using gesture.
> Highly customizable.
> Provide a secure wall between “OWNER” and “GUEST USERS”.
> Powerful App locker.
> Dialler (Call your existing phone contacts).
> Plus the features of your phone’s stock launcher.
  • is the heart of AUG L. Just draw a gesture on your screen and,
  • > Search Apps and launch,
  • > Directly launch Apps,
  • > Run Shortcuts,
  • > Run AUG L services,
  • > Search existing phone contacts and call,
  • > Control your phone’s events :
  • – Hotspot
  • – Wi-Fi
  • – Bluetooth
  • – Torch
  • – Mobile data (Can’t modify directly from Android L devices because of security guidelines).
  • > Gesture :
  • Say goodbye to the old launchers & try something new with drawings to make a beautiful experience with your phone.

  • > Swipe :
  • Access/Launch your favourite apps quickly by just a swipe(8 swipe actions).

  • > User Modes :
  • One of the most beautiful feature is to provide a secure wall between “OWNER” and “GUEST ” users.
  • In “OWNER” mode, AUG L App locker will not lock apps and “HIDDEN APPS” that are visible in your “APP DRAWER” .

  • > App Locker :
  • Have a powerful app locker that saves memory(both RAM & ROM),battery and also makes a great experience combined with “User Modes”.

  • > Make Call :
  • Search your existing phone contacts using gesture and make calls(when in “CONTACT MODE”. Go to tutorial for more.).It’s that easy…:)

  • > Hide Apps :
  • Hide Apps and make a clean UI that holds your privacy.
  • (Even your widgets will also hide. You can still open hidden apps/run hidden app shortcut from “HOME” by using gesture and swipe. Go to tutorial for more.)

  • > Dock :
  • Access your favourite apps by just a TAP. “DOCK” is here… 🙂

  • > Folder :
  • Make folders based on your interests or the behaviour of the apps and thus make a clean & smart UI.

  • > App Drawer :
  • All of your apps(except “HIDDEN” apps when in “GUEST” mode) and folders are listed in Alphabetic order either in “HORIZONTAL” or “VERTICAL” mode.

  • > Icon pack :
  • Customize your apps icon, choose an Icon pack (Go to AUG L settings –> Look & feel).
  • Ads in launcher, it’s annoying :(.
  • That’s why I have no ads :).

  • It is a free pack, therefore some features are locked. Buy AUG L pro and unlock all features
  • > Use Search keys having a length of more than 1 character,
  • > Use Gesture for,
  • – Open apps
  • – Run Shortcuts
  • – Run AUG L services
  • – Control events (Wifi,Hotspot,etc…),
  • > Swipe actions(2 finger).
  • > Expand Notifications, Recent apps, Expand Quick settings by Gesture/Swipe.
  • > Customize unread badges.
  • > Pure black theme.
  • > More page animations (Book, One rotate, Fade all, etc…).
  • *** Support development ***
  • For the first 48 hours after installation, you can perform all gesture operations as a free trial.

  • If you found any bug, please inform me (AUG L Settings -> Contact & support).

  • If you are new to AUG L please follow the tutorial (on the first launch after installation)/Help (AUG L Settings -> Help) for understand how AUG L works.

  • It is very difficult to communicate through comments. If you have any doubt/suggestion, please give me an email(AUG L settings — Contact & support).

  • To make gesture recognition better,
  • – It is recommend to edit the gestures based on your priority.
  • – Select a feasible sensitivity of gesture on home(Go to AUG L Settings -> Home).

  • This app uses the Device Administrator permission – ONLY FOR LOCK SCREEN BY USING SWIPE/GESTURE ACTION.

  • Because of some Android policy update, it is not possible to retrieve the unread count of SMS and MISSED CALLS
  • - Android 10
  • - Backup & restore :)
  • - AUG L services as shortcuts
  • - Speedup and stability improvements
  • - Folder logic changed to support drag 'n' drop
  • - Bug fixes

  • And many customization like "Remember drawer position", "Close folder after an item click", etc, etc...
  • There are more to come :) Stay tuned...

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