Auto Wifi Manager Apk v1.0 [Premium]

Auto Wifi Manager Apk v1.0 [Premium]


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Auto Wifi Manager One stop solution for easy management of your WiFi. This app automatically turn on / off as per your needs. This save you with lots of data and battery life. When WiFi is not in use it automatically switches off WiFi for you to save from unnecessarily battery usage.
Also know details of secured and unsecured WiFi around. Get full details WiFi connection before connecting to a WiFi connection. Get details like, signal strength, frequency, distance, Mac Address, security, etc,.
And manage WiFi on/off while phone charging, when battery level goes to low, set particular time to switch on/off, etc,. Set task to turn on / off WiFi on particular app launch.

  • Turn on WiFi when
  • – Device unlock.
  • – Battery charging ON/OFF.
  • – Everyday at certain time : e.g. -(6:00 PM)
  • – On launch of any particular app.

  • – Device get lock
  • – Battery charging ON/OFF
  • – Battery is Low
  • – Everyday at: ex.(11:00 AM)
  • – On launch of any particular app.
  • – Name
  • – Distance
  • – Single strength
  • – Frequency
  • – Security
  • – MAC Address
  • – Channel no.
  • A complete WiFi manager that allows you to control your WiFi usage, improves your battery, gives you more security and save you lot of time in charging your phone.

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