AdAway Apk v5.0.8-200830 [Final] (Ad Blocker for Android)

AdAway Apk v5.0.8-200830 [Final] (Ad Blocker for Android)


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AdAway Apk

AdAway is an open source ad blocker for Android using the hosts file. AdAway is a utility used to manage hostfile entries; your phone must be rooted to use this app. AdAway doesn’t directly block ads; it limits unwanted ads by blocking servers that distribute those ads to websites. Modifying hostfile entries is also useful in blocking ads on some Android apps.

    • ROOT
      • Read/Write access on system partition
        Website with Source code and Issue Tracker

          • • Root access: To write hosts file to system partition
          • • Internet access: To download hosts files
          • • Modify/delete SD card content: To export lists to SD card
          • • Wakelock: Wake up phone when AdAway updates in background
          • • Google Play Billing: To donate via Google Play Store
          • adblock, adblocker, ad blocker, advertisments, advertisment blocker
          • adfree, ad free, AdBlocker, AD blocker, MyInternetSecurity Pro
          • v5.0.8
          • Fix source not updated on automatic update
          • Fix user list not sync until source update
          • Update hosts source creation to disable allowed hosts by default
          • Update AndroidX dependencies

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