Adguard Premium Apk v4.0.37ƞ MOD [All Version]

Adguard Premium Apk v4.0.37ƞ MOD [All Version]


Smart WiFi Selector Apk v2.3.5.1 [Paid]

Adguard Premium Apk

Adguard Premium Apk provides you with a reliable and manageable protection that immediately and without your participation filters the loading web pages. Adguard Premium removes all the annoying ads, blocks loading of dangerous websites, and will not allow anyone to track your activities on the Internet.

  • When processing a web page, Adguard Premium does several things at once:
  • 1. Removes ads and online tracking code directly from the page.
  • 2. Checks a page against our database of phishing and malicious sites.
  • 3. Checks apps downloaded from unknown sources.

    [Added] Support for Extended CSS and Extended Selectors
    Extended CSS support is a very important addition in terms of future (and present) possibilities that it opens for ad blocking. Extended CSS is a module for applying CSS styles with extended selection properties. Basically, it means that we will be able to select and, therefore, block some elements that we would not be able to block otherwise. Currently we support following pseudo-classes: -ext-has ( :has ), -ext-contains ( :contains ), -ext-matches-css ( :matches-css ).
    • [Added] VPN restart feature
    • [Changed] IPv4 connections now have priority over IPv6 connections
    • [Fixed] Wi-Fi calling for AT&T
    • [Improved] Adguard automatically detects when Adguard’s certificate is moved to system certificate storage (Helps with https filtering in Android N+)
    • [Fixed] Issue with traffic slipping through firewall
    • version 4.0 nightly 7 from November 2, 2020
    • [Enhancement] Blocking Youtube ads by "sharing" video to our app;
    • [Enhancement] Update the "What's new" dialog;
    • [Fixed] Does not filter plain HTTP when it uses a non-standard port;
    • [Fixed] Fix the Shadowsocks proxy auto remove;
    • [Fixed] sales.scanngo.atbapp - app is not working;
    • [Other] AdGuard breaks Capital One app;
    • [Other] Update CoreLibs to 1.7.131;
    • [Other] Update CoreLibs to 1.7.140;
    • [Other] $generichide rule causes that assistant is showing that AdGuard is disabled;
    • [Other] Connection error after waking computer from sleep mode;
    • [Enhancement] Improve socket connect with hostname provided (for Proxy mode);
    • [Enhancement] Indicate libraries versions;
    • [Other] Connection error after waking computer from sleep mode;
    • [Enhancement] Optimistic DNS;
    • [Fixed] Compatibility issue between AdGuard and Windscribe VPN;
    • [Other] Add DoQ support in DNS stamps;
    • [Other] Add ability to pass custom filtering rules without file;
    • [Other] Add an option to specify IP_BOUND_IF/SO_BINDTODEVICE for outgoing connections;
    • [Other] Check if we should block SVCB (type 65, service binding?) records;
    • [Other] Fix errors encoding under Windows.
    • Premium features unlocked;
    • No startup with patched watermarks;
    • Skip startup tutorial.

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